About the GEOBENE project

Global earth observations may be instrumental to achieve sustainable development, but to date there have been no integrated assessments of their economic, social and environmental benefits.

The objective of the EC sponsored project “Global Earth Observation – Benefit Estimation: Now, Next and Emerging” (GEOBENE) is to develop methodologies and analytical tools to assess societal benefits of GEO in the domains of: Disasters, Health, Energy, Climate, Water, Weather, Ecosystems, Agriculture and Biodiversity.

The assessment will be carried out using quantitative and qualitative methods and data. The 36-months-project led by IIASA’s Forestry Program aims at drawing up policy conclusions from the modeling exercise for supporting the implementation of international agreements.

  • EnergyEnergy
  • BiodiversityBiodiversity
  • Climateclimate
  • DisasterDisaster
  • EcosystemEcosystem
  • AgricultureAgriculture
  • Healthhealth
  • WaterWater
  • WeatherWeather

This project is funded by the European Commission