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In the course of the GEO-BENE Project on Earth Observation/Benefit Estimation (EU FP6), the IIASA Forestry Program is performing a meta-study to collect GEOSS-related benefit assessment research. We are looking for literature and studies which measure socio-economic benefits qualitatively or quantitatively in relation to earth observation (EO). We welcome studies from the different societal benefit areas which illustrate the potential of EO. Additionally, studies utilizing satellite observations, airborne or in-situ measurements which show the integration of satellite data and in-situ measurements are also welcome. The web-site was designed such that with just a few clicks you can provide the most relevant information.

This state-of-the-art Meta Study on EO related benefit assessments will also be published on the GEO-BENE website. It is envisaged that this site will evolve into a reviewed public domain database of all GEOSS related benefit studies which you are welcome to use for your own scientific purposes.

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