An Efficient Grid Based Metadata Processing And Sharing Architecture For GEOSS

Publication Type  Conference Proceedings
Authors  Hassan, M. M.; Eui-Nam, Huh
Year  2008
Conference Name  Advanced Communication Technology, 2008. ICACT 2008. 10th International Conference on 17-20 Feb. 2008
ISSN Number  1738-9445
Abstract  The global earth observation system of systems (GEOSS) is being developed as a framework for existing and future Earth observation systems which will be comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable. Many earth observation (EO) resources have been created, and are available to the global community, in order to support scientists, decision makers, and the general populace. To realize a successful GEOSS, the key is to provide mechanisms that enable EO data and geospatial data from those resources to be processed, shared and coordinated. In this paper, we propose an architecture for GEOSS which aims at providing a metadata extraction and management system for EO and geospatial data and sharing these data transparently, efficiently and securely in a grid environment.
Keywords  geophysics computing; grid computing; geospatial data; global earth observation system of systems; grid based metadata processing; management system; metadata extraction; sharing architecture; EO data and Geospatial data; GEOSS; Grid; Metadata
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