Connecting Hazard Analysts and Risk Managers to Sensor Information

Publication Type  Journal Article
Authors  Le Cozannet, Gonéri; Hosford, Steven; Douglas, John; Serrano, Jean-Jacques; Coraboeuf, Damien; Comte, Jérémie
Year  2008
Name of Journal  Sensors
Volume  8
Number  6
Pages  3932-3937
Abstract  Hazard analysts and risk managers of natural perils, such as earthquakes, landslides and floods, need to access information from sensor networks surveying their regions of interest. However, currently information about these networks is difficult to obtain and is available in varying formats, thereby restricting accesses and consequently possibly leading to decision-making based on limited information. As a response to this issue, state-of-the-art interoperable catalogues are being currently developed within the framework of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) workplan. This article provides an overview of the prototype catalogue that was developed to improve access to information about the sensor networks surveying geological hazards (geohazards), such as earthquakes, landslides and volcanoes.
Keywords  hazard maps; geohazards; OGC metadata catalogue; risk management; GEOSS
DOI  10.3390/s8063932
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