The EMMA / METEOALARM Multiservice Meteorological Awareness System

Publication Type  Report
Authors  Staudinger, M.,
Year  2009
Institution  WMO
City  Geneva
Number  1438
Pages  174

METEOALARM - The European Multihazard Warning System of EUMETNET

In the past, meteorological warnings in Europe relied on most diverse system with the result that the information obtained by the producer of warnings was most diverse as well. In Europe and other parts of the world people are more and more travelling for professional and/or recreational purposes. The public would therefore often misunderstand or ignore the warnings being very diverse from country to country. Due to the project EMMA and the Internet product METEOALARM, these warnings have been harmonised across 21 countries and have been visualised via the Internet for other media. Already on the launch of its operational implementation in March 2007, 12 million hits per day were counted on the Web-server. METEOALARM is based on a 4-level warning system and has climatologically derived thresholds to care for different vulnerabilities across Europe.
In the meantime interest came also from civil protection on national and European level, as standardised early warning systems are the only way to care for cross country assistance in real time.
METEOALARM was managed and coordinated by ZAMG Salzburg.

Keywords  spatial online weather warnings for Europe
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