Global Change and Regional Agricultural Land Use

Publication Type  Book
Authors  Alexander Wirsig
Year  2009
Number of Pages  187
Publisher  Peter Lang,
ISBN Number  9783631586983
City  Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien
Keywords  Global Change; Climate Change; Landuse; Economic Modelling; CAP; Provison of Public Goods

This work investigates the impacts of Global and Climate Change on agricultural land use in the Upper Danube basin by using different scenario calculations with a regional non-linear agricultural sector model. The objective of the current study is to assess the economic and ecological impact of Global and Climate Change on regional agricultural land use in Europe by means of a regional case study for the Upper Danube basin. Key questions are: What are the short term impacts of climate change on agriculture for the next decade? What impacts are expected in the long run? What are the short term impacts on agriculture for the next decade taking into account socio-economic changes (agricultural policy, technological advance, prices)? Which scenario may be the least/most desirable with respect to the provision of ecosystem services by agriculture for a given region or farm type?

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