The Study of the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Ice Cover Using MODIS Data as a Factor of Phytoplankton Development in Lake Teletskoye

Publication Type  Manuscript
Authors  Kovalevskaya N.M.; Mitrofanova E.; Kirillov V.V.; Boenko K.A.
Year  In Press
Pages  4
Keywords  MODIS data; phytoplankton; composition; spatial distribution; classification

The article presents the results of ice cover dynamics study for Lake Teletskoye (Russia) using of 250-meter 24-day Terra MODIS composites. Lake Teletskoye is the deepest lake in the south of West Siberia and the largest one in the Altai Mountains. The ice-covered period in mountain lakes located not high above mean sea level isn't prolonged due to milder climate in lake valleys. In Lake Teletskoye the ice-covered period usually lasts from the end of January till the beginning of April. Both temperature and spectral data were used for spatial analysis. Graphs of the ice cover dynamics have been derived for 3 presence-of-ice types.
It is concluded that Terra MODIS imagery can be successfully used for the analysis of seasonal dynamics of ice cover, prediction of the development and abundance of algae under the ice.

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