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Some Dimensions of the Value of Weather Information: General Principles and a Taxonomy of Empirical Approaches , Molly K. Macauley , Workshop on the Social and Economic Impacts of Weather April 2 - 4 1997, Boulder, Colorado, USA, p.13, (1997)
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NASAs earth observations commercialization applications program A model for government promotion of commercial space opportunities, Macauley, M. K. , Space Policy, Volume 11, Number 1, p.53-65, (1995) Abstract
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VALUE OF IMPROVED LONG-RANGE WEATHER INFORMATION, Richard M. Adams, Kelly J. Bryant, Bruce A. Mccarl, David M. Legler, James OBrien, Andrew Solow, Rodney Weiher, , Contemporary Economic Policy, Volume 13, Number 3, p.10-19, (1995) Abstract
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